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Nora Mullins, a 10 Year Old With Broadway Dreams

What were you doing at the age of ten? Nora Mullins, of West Haven, Connecticut is singing any where she can get booked in the state. Nora is a hard working young lady who understand the need to help others. She raised money for a teenage cancer victim in her town and she ended up Read more…

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“Chalkville” in West Haven, Connecticut

Elinor Slomba is leading the charge, hoping to set a World Record when she and hundreds of others create the world’s largest mural made with chalk in West Haven. It will be called “Chalkville.” The plan is that 100,000 square feet of pavement will be covered in chalk in July of 2013 at West Haven Read more…

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Davey Love Does Radio His Way

Davie Love does radio his way, his style, on the internet. He has a three shows going some on the “irreverent” side, not my cup of tea at all, but one is more mainstream. He interviews a lot of musical guests on his Route 1 Radio Show (Route 1 is for Route 1 in Connecticut, Read more…

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Is That A Ralph Lauren Or A Jimmy Johansmeyer?

Uncovering all the great people, places, and things about Connecticut is my specialty, and have I got a gem for you this time. In West Haven, Connecticut, there is an actor, costume designer, and as it turns out, a guy who could possibly be the next Ralph Lauren, or any other famed fashion designer you’d Read more…

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Pantochino Productions: Ridiculously Entertaining

What do Frank Sinatra and Pantochino have in common? The color orange. Frank Sinatra’s home in Palm Springs featured his favorite color, and Connecticut’s newest theater touring company, Pantochino, has embraced the color as well. This dynamic duo of Bert Bernardi and Jimmy Johansmeyerare most clever in their approach to the world getting to know Read more…

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There’s Nothing Like a Diner

What is it about a diner that just feels so comfy? Especially if it’s a vintage diner. It’s that whole booth thing I think, you feel sheltered, couple that with a steaming hot mug of coffee and, well it makes you slink back and say ahhhhhhh. A diner is a meeting place, has been for Read more…

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