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Its All About Judy Garland In Goodspeed’s “Chasing Rainbows”

This is the story behind Goodspeed‘s now-playing “Chasing Rainbows.” The production is about Judy Garland as a child actress up thru the point at which she lands the part of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz.” Creator, producer Tina Marie Casamento Libby and famed Judy Garland historian, author, John Fricke worked together for seven years go get Read more…

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At Home With Buck Hollywood (Michael Buckley)

I haven’t had this much fun, well since I don’t know. I  drove up on April Fool’s day to Michael Buckley at home in central, Connecticut to see what Michael Buckley’s “What The Buck” world is all about . I met him the other night for dinner at the Greek Olive Diner in New Haven Read more…

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