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Fireside Chats With NYBERG ~Bill Koczocik (Ko-Cha-Chick)

On this episode of “Fireside Chats with Nyberg” is cameraman extraordinaire, Bill Koczocik. You’ll find out that Bill is a real renaissance man.You’re going to get to know all the people who work inside the WTNH-TV studios, there are so many interesting people here.   ,

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My Life In Television News: From Typewriters And Film To Digital

It really is like magic these days. A live interview with social media maven, Vanessa Wojtusiak at WTNH-TV(abc) with an ipad and iphone. I started in television news in 1979 in my hometown of South Bend, Indiana, then I took off for Oklahoma City and then to the Nutmeg state, and my how the business Read more…

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Here’s to 30 years, Connecticut!

On this date, January 16th, 1987, 30 years ago, I came to WTNH-TV, I was a mother of one, the twins had not arrived, that would be in 1989. In 1987, which seems like a lifetime ago, we were Action News 8. One gallon of gas cost 89 cents on average, a US Postage Stamp Read more…

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Colon Cancer Was No Match For Lajeune Hollis

At age 49 Lajeune Hollis was told she had colon cancer. The news fell out of the sky for her. It took her a few days to wrap her head around such devastating news and then she got on with her life with a positive attitude that no matter how hard the journey she would Read more…

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The Hungry Need Your Help In Connecticut

Tens of thousands are food challenged in this state of about three million people. The Connecticut Food Bank works 24-7 to feed families and we at News 8 are lending some help. Have you looked into the eyes of someone who is hungry? They are so grateful for anything. Children cannot learn when their stomachs Read more…

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Casey Sherman~Best Selling Author

From a TV news producer to New York Times best-selling author, Casey Sherman is climbing the ladder of success. One of his latest works, “The Finest Hours,” the story of an amazing U.S. Coast Guard rescue during a Nor’easter will soon be a movie produced by Disney. Sherman first put pen to paper in a Read more…

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Nora Mullins, a 10 Year Old With Broadway Dreams

What were you doing at the age of ten? Nora Mullins, of West Haven, Connecticut is singing any where she can get booked in the state. Nora is a hard working young lady who understand the need to help others. She raised money for a teenage cancer victim in her town and she ended up Read more…

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I’m A Story Teller, Pure And Simple.

Here’s “my” story after telling so many of yours over more than 30 years in television news. From my beginnings in Indiana to Oklahoma to Connecticut. I write about you, innovators and entrepreneurs, small business, every day folks.From the time I learned to read, I started documenting what was going on in people’s lives which Read more…

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WCBS News Radio’s, Joe Connolly

If you listen to WCBS News Radio  as you’re headed down the highway, you have probably heard Joe Connolly ‘s small business reports, pearls of information that anyone can use in their daily lives. Connolly came on NYBERG this week to talk about what he sees in business over the long haul, and what he thinks about when Read more…

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How Do We Make CT Safer?

Following the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which 20 children and six adults were killed by a lone troubled shooter, the state and the nation have opened a dialogue about what to do to make the world safer. Stanley Konesky has been in law enforcement for 42 years, serving on Read more…

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