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I’m Tellin Ya, The Granite Is Pink!

None of us were around hundreds of millions of years ago, but Stony Creek Quarry’s pink granite was. Some think this igneous rock was pushed into this region in Branford, Connecticut from South Africa.

These 55 acres owned by the town of Branford and leased now for the next several decades by a local family, is one of just two quarries in the state that deal in dimensional quarrying, and that is moving 25 ton blocks of this rock around.
You can find Stony Creek granite at the base of a lot of world famous monuments including the Statue of Liberty, Tiffany & Co., the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central and Penn Stations in New York City.

In the nation’s capitol, you will find the granite at places like the Smithsonian Institute and the War College. In Connecticut you’ll see it at the Peabody Museum, The Bulkeley Bridge, Yale University, Quinnipiac University, and of course you’ll see it in kitchens and bathrooms across the state and elsewhere.

Those mining the quarry can do that down to sea level, but no further, and it’s estimated there might be up to 200 more years of mining that can be done on the site. The water that you’ll see in the video is merely rain water that gets pumped out. I suggested if the water gets deep enough you could shoot a synchronized swim team to music and promote the quarry. Can you say viral You tube moment?

My tour guide was Darrell Petit, a Canadian, who is quite a prolific sculptor. He wanted to get closer to the medium he was using so he came to Branford, that was twenty years ago. He now works to promote the quarry and well as do his own work.

Darrell showed me an octogenarian sculptor that works the old fashioned way in making his rock fountains. You’ll see him in the second video with a heat suit on and a torch with fire heated to more than 3,000 degrees, hot enough to make stone liquid so it can be formed. Now that’s something!
Enjoy the short videos.


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