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New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre Celebrates 50 Years!




NEW HAVEN — In an effort to commemorate 50 years of innovative theatre, Long Wharf Theatre has launched an online historical archive, giving patrons an opportunity to relive some of the greatest moments in its history.

The site, created by Think Creative Group, went live this week. Chronicling Long Wharf Theatre’s history, the famous and less famous but no less beloved performers, and the great productions, was an important part of the 50th anniversary. “Our anniversary gives us the unique opportunity to celebrate our past while looking forward to our future,” said Managing Director Joshua Borenstein.

The marketing department spent the summer collecting press clipping and photos, selecting about 50 important productions from the theatre’s history to highlight in the initial release of the site. However, the archive is an ongoing project. More shows, additional photos, and other historical information will be added to the site throughout the season.

“Working on the site has been a fascinating process for everyone in the department,” said Steve Scarpa, director of marketing and communications. “In a sense, we’ve spent the run up to the 50th anniversary season watching the theatre evolve over time. It went from the dream of a pair of Yale grads and community leaders to a leading cultural institution very quickly and stayed at that level for a long period of time.”

For more information about the 50th anniversary of Long Wharf Theatre, visit www.longwharf.org/timeline/. To purchase tickets to the 2014-15 season, visit www.longwharf.org.​