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Up In A Tree House


Who didn’t want a treehouse as a kid, maybe you were lucky enough to have one. For me, my getaway place was an Osage Orange tree in my front yard at our house in South Bend, Indiana. There was a fork in the tree and that’s where I sat. It wasn’t that high off the ground but it was a little sacred place where I could get away. I think I even wrote a school paper sitting in the tree in elementary school. Fast forward I find the McCarthy brothers, James and Ryan, and their business in Higganum, Connecticut called the Tree House Brothers. They are building beautiful forts and tree houses and even luxury tree houses for grownups with lots of extras. Their structures are built with trap doors and pulley systems to hoist up treasures from the ground, there are swings and slides and firemen poles and even electricity if you want that. The brothers are 4th generation master carpenters, so they can build anything, but for them it’s all about the tree house.