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Saybrook Country Barn And Shops Have Stood The Test Of Time




Have you been to Saybrook Country Barn and their shops in Old Saybrook, Connecticut? It’s sprawling. You name it you’ll find it, furniture, drapery, gifts and clothing and on and on and on. There is even a restaurant on site called Aspen.

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This is a family business that has grown because it has evolved over the years. It’s at the head of Main Street in this Connecticut River Valley town. Network Connecticut is proud to welcome them aboard as a sponsor as we continue our march to network and connect, business and innovators and entrepreneurs across the Constitution state called Connecticut. If everybody works together things get done and people prosper. The Saybrook Country Barn has been a mainstay in Connecticut for nearly 40-years. It still is known as one of the leading premium furniture stores. Along with 42,000 square feet of interior design services and furniture and men’s and women’s clothing and gifts and rugs and window treatments and rugs there is also a hardware department there…beat that with a stick. Right before the Christmas of 2014, I finally got around to re doing my oldest daughter’s bedroom following her marriage and moving out of the house. I went over to the “barn” found the whole “kit and caboodle” (bed, lamps and chest of drawers) on the floor of the place, bought it and got it delivered just in time to celebrate the holiday, so there you go! Customer service! And so, another story of a business in Connecticut making it work thru think and thin.