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Trying To Build A New Business? Co-Work in Guilford, Connecticut


Life moves fast and stores and restaurants open and close on a dime. This awesome-looking brick building in Guilford, Connecticut was brought to my attention recently. It has been many things, a restaurant, a bagel shop and on and on. But now this historic building, put up in 1894, is the home of a brand new co-working space. The brainchild of Christian Brachvogel. Because building a new business is expensive, these kinds of places have sprung up all over Connecticut to help those toiling away on the next new thing in an inexpensive way. And everyone doing that is under the same roof. It’s that old safety-in-numbers adage kind-of-thing. Take a look at it. Good luck to all of you who are out there trying to build a better Connecticut, I’m with you!old-fellows-300x300

This is the digital home of Guilford Coworking, a managed community office located at 14 Water Street, Guilford, CT 06437. You can reach us at christian@guilfordcoworking.com or 917 428 5905. Conceived as a sanctuary for the productive mind, our open-plan work space will give you the environment, tools and community to do what you do best… better. Membership starts at $195/month, and day passes run $20. We’re happy to extend a discounted monthly rate of $115 to students, seniors and non-profits. A conference room and a telephone booth are available for private meetings and calls. Access is 24/7 and a bottomless cup of coffee or tea is included (with monthly memberships).