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Inside The Mind Of Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser

12592323_925543777530726_523789165574503704_nThe “NYBERG” show is as varied as the day is long. So why not talk to Matt Fraser? He is a psychic medium. Matt tells me since he was a little boy he tells me he has seen and heard people “on the other side.” The movie “The Sixth Sense” he says is about him. He told me his mother has the gift and so did his Grandmother. He is just 24 years old but is sought after every where as people try to connect with loved ones they have lot and pets too. I have to tell you that watching him around the newsroom and reading some folks there, he nailed some of the folks he talked to about their loved ones, telling them things that nobody would have known if someone from beyond had not been telling him things. The way I look at it, is that anything is possible because nobody knows for sure, right? He has written a book too about his life, which tells the reader that most have the ability to tap into those we’ve lost if you are open to it.