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The New James Farmacy in Old Saybrook

The beloved James Pharmacy & Soda Fountain will reopen as the James Farmacy [JF], an organic café and juice bar in May 2016. Through its menu and programming, James Farmacy will promote Wellness, Healing and Self-Care by offering healthy, clean, whole-food options, nutrient-dense foods and drinks, health conscious versions of ice creams and sodas, and various educational programs.  The James Farmacy is located at 2 Pennywise Lane Old Saybrook, CT 06475. Phone: [860]395-1781.
The new James Farmacy will continue the tradition of its namesake, Miss Anna Louise James, Connecticut’s first licensed African American woman pharmacist- by featuring organic vintage sodas and remedies, healing tonics and elixirs, and nutrient-dense juices and smoothies, all with super healing foods and herbs from nature’s own pharmacy. James Farmacy will offer an organic seasonal menu with vegetarian, vegan, paleo and gluten free options and organic ice cream as well. The menu will be fresh and farm-to-table as it will vary daily, weekly and seasonally based upon availability at local farms. James Farmacy will only source from farms that are certified organic, NOFA* certified, or farms known to use organic methods. [*North East Organics Farmers Association]

The historic James Pharmacy & Soda Fountain will be preserved right down to the original soda fountain, heart-backed chairs and original woodwork and cabinetry. Ice cream will be served in much the same way Miss James offered helpful and healthful advice in a nostalgic setting and popular meeting place.
Buck’s, of Milford, a beloved favorite of JF patrons, has provided Connecticut with ice cream since the 1950’s and James Farmacy will continue to work with Buck’s to source an organic line of ice cream made by Golden Organics. James Farmacy owner and visionary, Shelley Nobile, is an Engineering Specialist at General Dynamics and has been a local businesswoman in Old Saybrook since 1994 when she opened the Deacon Timothy Pratt Bed & Breakfast and operated the James Gallery and Soda Fountain from 2000-2003. Her plans for James Farmacy stem from seeing the benefits of healthy diet and lifestyle choices in her own life, and her desire to share with others all that she has learned and benefited from on her path to wellness.
Through James Farmacy, Nobile seeks to fulfill a need for a local, healthy, organic whole-food cafe on the Connecticut shoreline. The café will offer organically sourced foods, juices, smoothies and ice cream. Through the mindful sourcing of organic and local food, the integration of people and landscape, the support of sensitive land stewardship, the education of
children and adults, and through spiritual and scientific inquiry, James Farmacy will advance its mission while nurturing a healthy dialogue and creating a thriving social environment and community.
Nobile’s partner and co-founder at James Farmacy, Janet Verney, is a Certified Health Coach, Wellness Designer, and author of ROOTS2Wellness, a helpful guide to unearthing the root causes of dis-ease and discovering a “route” to wellness. Like Nobile, Verney is passionate about Self-Care and helping others take control of their health. She will be available on site to share valuable science-based tips on how to make healthy choices in mind, body and spirit. She
will also be available for private sessions and will play a key role in the educational programming and menu offerings at James Farmacy.
As part of strengthening the dialogue of Self-Care and Mindful Living within the coastal Connecticut community, James Farmacy will offer lectures, workshops and will be a vendor at the Lyme Farmer’s Market. Nobile and Verney encourage local organic vendors and healing practitioners to connect with James Farmacy Organic Cafe and Juice Bar. Nobile and Verney share a vision for each and every James Farmacy customer to feel wholly supported on their journey to Wellness. Verney’s book ROOTS2Wellness highlights the message that “it’s important to be a partner in someone’s journey and not to dictate what they should and should not do. It takes some trial and error and tremendous focus for each person to
figure out what works best for them. Whether it’s my own health or someone else’s, I always approach it from a position of kindness and confidence… “

All the members of the James Farmacy team bring a passion for Wellness and for helping others heal. James Farmacy has hired two chefs who are knowledgeable about ingredients and the biology behind making healthy food choices. Andrea Bartosiak received her culinary training at Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, a 100 acre organic farm whose intensive training program promotes a farm-to-table lifestyle and philosophy that showcases regional cuisine and
sourcing ingredients locally.

Laurence Lavagne moved to Connecticut from Paris, France 20 years ago. Always passionate about food, sustainability and the environment she co-created one of the first farmers’ markets in Connecticut in 1990 and for more than 16 years has worked with chefs who serve locally sourced food and support organic small farms.

James Farmacy will open for business with a soft launch on May 6, 2016 following a sneak preview on May 5th for area businesses. A grand opening will take place on May 21st.