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Hartford Filmmaker, Rashad Frett

image1 (1)Rashad Frett of Hartford served the country as an Army Medic. His unit was called to New York City on 9-11. Just hours after two planes hit the twin towers, he was in a helicopter flying over the enormous smoking debris field. He was just 20-years old then and seeing utter devastation in America. He grew up in a tough neighborhood where he saw a lot of drugs and gun violence in the capital city and that affected him too. He picked up a camera one day and started filming to tell stories and has even directed a gritty television pilot written by a Hartford police officer and a criminal about life in the inner city. Now he is one of just a handful of people in the world in 2016 who has landed a spot in the elite Tisch School of Arts at New York University. Now at age 35, Frett will be introduced to a network of greats that have gone thru Tisch, including Academy Award winning movie director, Martin Scorsese.