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New App Hopes To Save Lives

Tens of thousands of opioid overdoses are reported every year in the U.S. many of which end in death. More than 600 people died in Connecticut from overdoses in 2015. And that’s a problem, it’s 2017, the data is too old, dated to get on top of this tragedy. There is a brand new app that is being rolled out that is a first responder reporting system for your mobile device or desktop that will show in real-time were overdoses are occurring. It’s called “Overdose Warning Network” or “NOW.” It was developed by two men, Tim Cheney and Adrian S. Hooper, Jr.. Cheney was raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Hooper in Philadelphia. The idea is to save as many lives as they can. The app will drill down to state, city, county and even zip code to pinpoint where the crisis lies, it will be an important tool for law enforcement.