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The One Of A Kind, Geoff Fox

People come and go in the news business, but others stay in one place a long time and become entrenched in their community. Those of you who have been with Action News, News Channel 8, and News 8 over the years got to know a weather guy by the name of Geoff Fox. He was on the air there for 27 years. You saw his passion for the weather, and you got to know his family, and his dog, and his Mom and Dad, Harold and Betty. Geoff now resides in Irvine, California, with his wife Helaine and their dog “Doppler.” We thought you might like to know what he’s been up to lately. Geoff was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in July of 2016, and has undergone extensive surgery to beat it. To date, (February 2017) he is cancer free, but undergoing treatment to keep cancer at bay. And he is on air from his garage, yes, his garage doing the weather for the state of Nebraska. Having worked with him for nearly 30 years, I took a trip out to visit him.





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  1. Posted February 28, 2017 at 10:54 pm | Permalink

    I was sad to hear that Geoff has pancreatic cancer. My first thought was that my mom’s dad died of the disease at just 56 or so. But then I thought, ‘Wow, Geoff is CANCER-FREE!” He is so positive, so energetic, so curious and involved in life. It’s 2017 and cancer research has come much further than in my grand-dad’s day. I am wishing Geoff healing thoughts. I love his studio, by the way (of course he did that….and good on him for reporting from LA rather than chilly Nebraska!) I interviewed Geoff in 2004 for a financial publication in Manhattan. He gave me an appropriately charming and geeky answer about how to protect data from hurricanes. Thank you, Geoff. You shone a light on my life and countless viewers’ for many years…as you will for years to come.