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Muuna Is Disrupting The Cottage Cheese Industry

It’s not every day that you talk about cottage cheese, well probably most days you don’t talk about it, but did you know it’s a billion dollar industry? A new cottage cheese is just being introduced to the United States by way of Israel and its rolling out in the Northeast first, Connecticut is a bit of a test market. The company is called Muuna (Moo-nah). It’s made in Minnesota. It’s CEO, Gerard Meyer, who is passionate about cottage cheese.. says Muuna is disrupting the neglected cottage cheese industry and is about to give yoghurt a run for its money by putting all kinds of different fruit in the cottage cheese.  You’ll never think about cottage cheese in the same way…let the battle begin. More flavors are coming and so are other innovative products. Never in Meyer’s wildest imagination did he ever think he would be president and CEO of a cottage cheese company, but there you have it.